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ego battery instructions

The eGo Battery - A Manual For Noobs

For those of you who have never used the eGo battery systems, you may find yourself at a bit of a loss when you pull the battery out, put your cartomizer on it, fill it up with your e-juice, and... nothing. You push the button, but to no avial! This damn thing is broken! ARRRGH! I'm going to call these guys and give them a piece of my mind... blah blah blah... It happens.

The sad thing is that the manufacturer usually doesn't ship these with instructions, and even if they did - often the manufacturers' instructions are... well, let's be honest... difficult to understand. So we've taken it upon ourselves to at leat TRY to give you some instructions you can understand.

To Unlock: When you receive your eGo Battery, it should be safety locked - he button is disabled, so that it doesn't accidentally activate during shipping. It also protects you from accidental firing if you are carrying it in your pocket. If you press the button 5 times quickly (within two seconds), it will toggle the lock on or off. We recommend locking your battery any time you are carrying it in your pocket, purse, or any other place where there is a chance that the button might get pushed. Press the button 5 times, and you are ready to go. Pretty cool, huh?

Safety: Although it is a truly rare occurance, there have been reports of batteries venting or even exploding from misuse, improper charging, or just plain bad luck. It happens. RARELY... but it does happen. Any time you are dealing with lithium batteries, you run a slight risk that the battery might get a hard short, and overheat. This can happen with your cell phone, remote control helicopter, wireless home phone, and, yes. even your e-cig. The eGo battery does have a safety circuit in place to prevent this from happening, helping to make it an extremely rare occurance, but it is always good to exercise good charging practices. We recommend NEVER charging with more than a 1 Amp charger, and ALWAYS use an eGo-safe charger. USB voltage is 5V, and many chargers out there provide a 5V charge, but the eGo battery is a 3.7 volt unit, and should NEVER receive more than a 4.2V charge. If you don't have an appropriate charger, you should have bought one. Never fear. We have them.

Maintenance & Cleaning: Although we all try to maintain perfect working cartomizers and excellent carrying and handling practices... these things sometimes leak a bit, gurgle juice, and require maintenance to keep them working properly. We recommend daily cleaning of your battery connection, and regular inspection of your cartomizers to insure that they have not cracked, come away from the base ring, or in any other way become compromized. It happens.

To clean the battery connection, you need to remove the cartomizer, and inspect the battery terminal. Often times, a bit of juice will wick up into the air channel, and find it's way down to the battery terminal, potentially interrupting your connection, and reducing the quality of your hit. Take a paper towel, twist up the corner, and push it down into the battery terminal and twist it around to clean up any e-juice that may have found it's way into the connection.

Inspection is pretty self-explanatory. Look it over and give it a little jiggle around the edges to make sure everything is still sound. Some e-juice flavors are more acidic than others, and certain liquids can actually loosen the adhesive around the base of cheaper cartomizers - such as CE4 and CE5s. Again, it happens, and carto replacement is just a part of vaping.

Above all else, take good care of your unit. whether you are using a basic CE4 setup, or a full on telescope mod with a Kanger pyrex Protank... you want to protect your investment. Use common sense.